Alert: Monkeypox Spread: Will India be a next Africa

While India has seen it’s 4th Monkeypox case in new Delhi, it has become the great concern for the government to stop the further spread of the monkey pox. 16,000 cases being detected worldwide over last seven months and five people died due it, WHO has confirmed.

Worldwide monkey pox has been declared as a emergency by the WHO. Till date Kerala, Telangana and Delhi has reported the positive cases of the monkeypox.

Anyone can get monkeypox, but in the latest outbreak, the virus is predominantly spreading among gay and bisexual men. Officials noted Monday that most of the people affected reported some level of sexual activity reported by the CNN famous news breaker.

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows 1,972 probable or confirmed monkeypox cases in the US.

As of now, the risk of monkeypox is low, according to the CDC, but public health experts say there are still things you can do to protect yourself, especially if you’re in the pool of higher-risk people. That pool includes men who have sex with men, particularly those who have had multiple sexual partners in the past two weeks in an area with known monkeypox cases.

The death rate reported for the disease is 3-6% which raises the concern on this infection.

Treatment which is developed for the smallpox can be used for treating the Monkeypox.

An antiviral agent known as tecovirimat that was developed for smallpox was licensed by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for monkeypox in 2022 based on data in animal and human studies. It is not yet widely available tecovirimat should ideally be monitored in a clinical research context with prospective data collection.

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