Tomato Fever: Flu? OR Fabricated Flu!?

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In the past few weeks or months type of flu i.e., “tomato fever” has shown its head up in many regions of India. Due to the shape, color and size of the patches which are generally observed in this flu are similar to tomatoes so healthcare professionals termed this a ‘tomato fever’. In this type of flu, a person generally suffers from his/her red skin rashes along with high fever, loss of appetite and dehydration. In addition, ground-condition shows that the prevalence of tomato fever is higher in children whose age is less than five years.

Is this dangerous?

No. It is not dangerous or life-threatening but it is contagious! It can easily spread from one human body to another and have the potential to affect a huge number of children population. The causative agent or reason behind this flu is still not known; many healthcare professionals have claimed this is viral-induced flu. It is also observed that the flu prevalence and possibility of disease spreading are higher in primary school areas, locations where the possibility of children gathering viz. gardens, playgrounds and children’s care centers.

In general, the person who is affected with tomato fever suffers for 7-10 days, depending on the immune system of a particular individual. It shows the worst symptoms in the first 3 days but after that proper care and medicine could help to cure the body’s condition. Again, a better immune system of the person would play an important role to fight against the virus and overcome problems associated with this flu.

Major Symptoms:

  • Skin rashes, red-blisters
  • Body pain
  • High body temperature
  • Fatigue
  • Dehydration (low water intake and low water content of body)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Joint pain and swelling
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • In rare cases white patches inside the oral cavity

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thermometer, fever, number-3656065.jpg

Available Treatment:

It’s quite difficult to talk about particular treatment for this flu but a physician may prescribe:

  1. Paracetamol, Ibuprofen and aspirin: are the first choice of medicines where children can get relief from body pain, joint pain, joint swelling as well as relief from fever.
  2. Antiviral liquid formulation two times or three times a day is recommended (dose and frequency may vary from patient to patient as per physical condition and body needs).
  3. Normal warm water gargles many physicians suggest to overcome the oral patches-related discomfort. A physician may recommend avoiding salty, spicy as well as oily food.
  4. Physicians may suggest increasing oral fluid intake or drinking juice or high-liquid-containing food items.
  5. For rashes, blisters or skin patches anti-itching dermal powders, lotions and creams are recommended. Moisturizers and soothing formulations might work in this condition.
  6. It is highly advisable to wear clean and warm clothes.

Is it possible to prevent the spread of tomato fever?

There is no standard guideline-based treatment or vaccine to prevent this flu. But we can stop or minimize its spreading by avoiding our (majorly children) participation in gathering, visiting places where we can get the huge crowd as well as travelling to public places.

Intentionally visiting public places and spreading the flu is the main reason to bring this tomato fever under the umbrella of human-made – ‘fabricate flu’. We should come together (mentally) and can help to stop the spreading of tomato fever simply by avoiding public places to visit. With proper care and few time-specific restrictions can make a big change in this phase of life where we can destroy this ‘fabricated-flu’ complexity.

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