Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Cleaning and Operation of BOD Incubator (30°C – 35°C)

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Calibration of Conductivity/TDS Meter

1.. Purpose of Cleaning and Operation of BOD Incubator (30°C – 35°C)

This SOP outlines the procedures for the proper cleaning and operation of a BOD Incubator to ensure accurate and reliable performance.

2. Scope of Cleaning and Operation of BOD Incubator (30°C – 35°C)

This procedure applies to all personnel responsible for using and maintaining the BOD Incubator.

3.. Equipment and Materials involved in Cleaning and Operation of BOD Incubator (30°C – 35°C)

  • BOD Incubator
  • Disinfectant solution
  • Soft cloth
  • Thermometer
  • BOD bottles

4. Cleaning Procedure

4.1 Daily Cleaning

  1. Power off the BOD Incubator and unplug it from the electrical source.
  2. Remove all samples and items from the incubator.
  3. Wipe down the interior surfaces, including shelves, with a soft cloth dampened with a disinfectant solution.
  4. Ensure that no residue or spillage remains inside the incubator.
  5. Clean the exterior surfaces of the incubator, including the control panel, using a separate cloth.
  6. Allow the incubator to air dry before reusing.

4.2. Weekly Cleaning

  1. Follow the daily cleaning procedure.
  2. Check the air filters and replace them if they are clogged or dirty.
  3. Inspect the door gasket for wear or damage; replace if necessary.
  4. Verify the accuracy of the temperature display with a calibrated thermometer.
  5. Record all maintenance and cleaning activities in a logbook.

5. Operation Procedure

5.1. Start-Up Procedure

  1. Ensure that the BOD Incubator is on a level surface and adequately ventilated.
  2. Plug in the incubator and power it on.
  3. Set the temperature to the desired range (30°C – 35°C).
  4. Allow the incubator to stabilize for at least 30 minutes before placing samples inside.

5.2. Sample Placement

  1. Place BOD bottles or samples evenly on the shelves within the incubator.
  2. Avoid overcrowding to ensure proper air circulation.
  3. Record the sample placement in a logbook, including bottle locations.

5.3. Monitoring

  1. Regularly monitor and record the temperature inside the incubator using a calibrated thermometer.
  2. Check the status of samples, ensuring they are properly sealed and labeled.
  3. Address any deviations or alarms promptly, following manufacturer guidelines.

5.4. Shutdown Procedure

  1. Power off the incubator.
  2. Remove all samples and items from the incubator.
  3. Clean the interior and exterior following the cleaning procedure outlined in Section IV.
  4. Ensure the incubator is dry and free of residues before closing the door.
  5. Leave the door slightly ajar to prevent odors and moisture buildup.

6. Documentation

  1. Maintain a logbook to record all cleaning, maintenance, and operation activities.
  2. Include dates, names of personnel involved, and any deviations from the standard procedures. For more articles, Kindly Click here. For pharmaceutical jobs, follow us on LinkedIn For Editable SOPs in word format contact us on  For more information kindly follow us on 
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