Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Preparing, Storing, and Handling Mobile Phases with Degassing Techniques

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Performance Check of Automatic Distillation Apparatus

1. Purpose of Preparing, Storing, and Handling Mobile Phases with Degassing Techniques

The purpose of this Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to provide guidelines for the proper preparation, storage, and handling of mobile phases, including the degassing process, to ensure the accuracy and consistency of analyses using liquid chromatography systems at [Company Name].

2. Scope of Preparing, Storing, and Handling Mobile Phases with Degassing Techniques

This SOP applies to all personnel responsible for preparing, storing, and handling mobile phases within the [Company Name] laboratory. It covers the entire process, from selection and preparation of solvents to degassing and storage.

3. Definitions

3.1 Mobile Phase:

A solvent or mixture of solvents used in liquid chromatography for sample separation.

3.2 Degassing:

The removal of dissolved gases from mobile phases to prevent air bubble formation and ensure system stability.

4. Responsibilities

4.1. Laboratory Manager

4.1.1 Ensure that all mobile phase preparations adhere to this SOP.

4.1.2 Allocate resources and oversee the laboratory’s compliance.

4.2. Analysts

4.2.1 Follow this SOP for mobile phase preparation and handling.

4.2.2 Report any deviations or issues to the Laboratory Manager.

5. Mobile Phase Selection

5.1. Solvent Compatibility

5.1.1 Select solvents that are compatible with the sample and the chromatographic column.

5.1.2 Consider the volatility, UV cutoff, and elution strength of solvents.

5.2. Mobile Phase Composition

5.2.1 Prepare the mobile phase according to the specified chromatographic method.

5.2.2 Ensure accurate solvent ratios for reproducible results.

6. Mobile Phase Preparation

6.1. Solvent Quality

6.1.1 Use high-purity solvents suitable for liquid chromatography.

6.1.2 Filter solvents if necessary to remove particulates.

6.2. Mixing and Deaeration

6.2.1 Mix solvents thoroughly to achieve a homogenous mixture.

6.2.2 Employ appropriate degassing techniques, such as sonication or sparging, to remove dissolved gases.

7. Mobile Phase Storage

7.1. Storage Conditions

7.1.1 Store mobile phases in clean, well-sealed containers.

7.1.2 Protect mobile phases from light and extreme temperatures.

7.2. Labeling

7.2.1 Clearly label mobile phase containers with contents, preparation date, and expiration date.

8. Handling Mobile Phases

8.1. System Priming

8.1.1 Prime the liquid chromatography system with the prepared mobile phase before analysis.

8.1.2 Avoid air bubble formation in the system.

9. Record Keeping

9.1 Records

9.1.1 Maintain detailed records of mobile phase preparation, including composition, degassing, and storage details.

9.2. Schedule

9.2.1 Establish a schedule for routine mobile phase preparation and replacement.

9.2.2 Ensure compliance with the schedule.

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