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THSTI is indeed an autonomous institute under the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. It is located in Faridabad and is part of the NCR Biotech Science Cluster.

The primary mission of THSTI is to conduct innovative translational research. Translational research refers to the process of bridging the gap between basic scientific research and the development of practical applications that can improve human health and address medical needs. THSTI focuses on taking scientific concepts and discoveries and translating them into products, technologies, and interventions that have a real impact on human health.

One of the key aspects of THSTI’s approach is its interdisciplinary nature. It encourages collaborations across various disciplines and professions, bringing together experts from different fields to work collectively towards solving complex health challenges.

Job Post: Program Officer, THSTI-WHO Program (01 post)

Project Name: Technical support for building the capacity of clinical trials in India (Phase 1) [WHO program (2023/1343937-2); under Dr. Sucheta Banerjee Kurundkar]

Emoluments: INR 66,000 (Consolidated) monthly

Age: Up to 40 years

Employment: Contractual

Duration: 12 months

Minimum Educational Qualification and Experience:

  • Master’s degree in Science / Pharma from a recognized university OR Bachelor’s degree in Medicine / Dentistry
  • Minimum 5 years of experience at a mid-level in managing a program for Clinical/healthcare or pharmacy area
  • Demonstrated working proficiency in managing an LMS based program

Desirable qualifications & work experience:

  • Higher qualifications in Science/Pharmacy/Dentistry/Medicine
  • Knowledge of the core area – Clinical trial
  • Experience in the training domain
  • Experience of working with Clinical Trials Network (CTN) for capacity building
  • Experience of working with various digital technologies used in LMS based self-paced online courses
  • Knowledge of recording lectures, formatting, IT support, beta testing, etc.
  • Coordination with various faculty in the development of an online course (self-paced)

Professional skills:

  • Sound technical knowledge of working with Learning Management System (LMS), ability to verify the validated LMS
  • Sound technical knowledge of working with Mobile apps (android & iOS)
  • Experience in possessing an interdisciplinary approach to course development
  • Basic knowledge of clinical trials
  • Excellent management, interpersonal, networking skills
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal & writing
  • Proficient in computers and other IT skills
  • Ability to prepare concept notes, course curriculum & policy documents, technical reports, budgeting, and forge successful collaborations

This post is for a Program Officer position under the THSTI-WHO Program. The selected candidate will be involved in providing technical support for building the capacity of clinical trials in India as part of Phase 1 of the WHO program. The position is contractual and has a duration of 12 months. The candidate should meet the minimum educational qualifications and experience criteria, and additional desirable qualifications and work experiences are also mentioned.

The candidate is expected to have a strong understanding of working with Learning Management Systems and mobile apps, possess interdisciplinary skills, and have basic knowledge of clinical trials. Excellent communication and management skills are required for coordinating with faculty and stakeholders in the development of self-paced online courses. Proficiency in computers and IT skills is essential for various technical aspects of the program. The ability to prepare concept notes, course curriculum, policy documents, technical reports, and budgeting will also be part of the responsibilities.

The monthly remuneration for this position is INR 66,000. The age limit for applicants is up to 40 years.

Job Profile: The job profile for the Program Officer under the THSTI-WHO Program involves the day-to-day management of the project, including development and coordination of various aspects related to course development for clinical trial capacity building. The key responsibilities include:

  1. Meetings and Discussions: Organizing meetings and discussions related to course development with relevant stakeholders and experts.
  2. Design and Guidelines: Developing presentation templates, course-related guidelines, and checklists.
  3. Identifying Clinical Trial Sites: Identifying clinical trial sites from the established Clinical Trials Network (BIRAC-CTN) & ICMR (INTENT) supported by DBT.
  4. Gap Analysis and Self-assessment: Developing a self-assessment tool based on gap analysis, in collaboration with experts.
  5. Training Needs Evaluation: Discussing with domain experts to evaluate the training needs of the program.
  6. Knowledge Areas: Demonstrating knowledge in areas such as Good Clinical Practice, current ethical requirements, regulatory requirements, pharmacy setup, IMP handling, and quality management.
  7. Training Programs: Conducting face-to-face or online training programs with selected clinical trial sites, if required.
  8. Support Course Advisory Group: Providing support to the Course Advisory Group (CAG) and assisting in micro-planning and management per topic with resource persons and CAG members.
  9. Documentation: Maintaining necessary documentation and records as required for the course, including any changes or enhancements.
  10. Animation and Technical Support: Collaborating with IT to develop technical animations, creating storylines and case studies for animation-related tasks.
  11. Note and Report Drafting: Overseeing and drafting notes, reports, MOUs, and other necessary documents related to the course development.
  12. Course Promotion: Creating awareness about the course through various channels such as websites, social platforms, and outreach avenues.
  13. Compliance: Ensuring the course development and execution adhere to the guidelines of partnering organizations.
  14. Continuous Follow-ups: Engaging in continuous follow-ups with animation and 3D graphics related tasks.
  15. Problem Resolution: Addressing any issues or problems identified during the course development with resource persons.
  16. Quality Assurance: Supporting the quality assurance of other courses within the team by providing constructive feedback on course materials and assessments.
  17. Progress Monitoring: Monitoring the progress of the course according to timelines.
  18. Program Development: Taking on program development work, where appropriate, to support the team’s objectives.

This role requires excellent coordination, organizational, and communication skills. The Program Officer will play a crucial role in the successful development and implementation of the capacity-building program for clinical trials in India.

These are the general terms and conditions for the short-term positions available at the Translational Health Science and Technology Institute (THSTI). Candidates who are interested in applying for these positions should be aware of the following:

a) Tenure: These positions are short-term, and the extension of the employment will be subject to satisfactory performance and the project’s duration for which the candidates are selected. There is no claim for regularization of employment.

b) Qualifications: All educational, professional, and technical qualifications should be from recognized Boards/Universities.

c) Experience: The experience requirement mentioned in the job description should be acquired after obtaining the minimum educational qualifications specified for the post.

d) Relaxation: The competent authority may relax the age limit, qualification, experience, and other requirements for suitable candidates. In case candidates are not found suitable for the advertised posts, they may be offered lower posts or lower emoluments based on the recommendation of the Selection Committee.

e) Age Relaxation: Age relaxation is applicable for candidates belonging to certain categories – SC/ST, OBC, and Persons with Benchmark Disabilities (PWBD), as well as for Central Government servants and Ex-servicemen. The extent of relaxation depends on the category the candidate falls into.

f) Communication: All results and future communications will be published on the THSTI website, and communication will be done only through email.

g) Screening: If a large number of applications are received, the screening process will limit the number of candidates based on higher/relevant qualifications and experience.

h) Compliance: The bye laws of THSTI and Government of India rules/guidelines shall prevail for any provisions not covered in this notification.

i) Canvassing: Canvassing in any form will lead to disqualification.

j) Interview: Candidates who fulfill the criteria are invited to attend the written test/skill test/interview at THSTI, NCR Biotech Science Cluster, Faridabad on 31st July 2023 at 02:30 PM. Candidates must report by 01:30 PM for the interview; otherwise, they will not be interviewed by the selection committee.

Candidates are advised to read and understand these terms and conditions carefully before applying for the positions. The interview date and time are provided, and candidates should ensure they are present on time to be considered for the selection process.

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