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Aragen appears to be a well-established and reputable company providing crucial services to the global life sciences industry. With over 20 years of experience, your company offers a comprehensive range of services, including contract research, development, and manufacturing, covering the entire drug development process from concept to commercialization.

The fact that Aragen specializes in early-stage discovery and development of new molecular entities (NMEs) demonstrates a strong commitment to innovation and cutting-edge solutions. Your services cater to a diverse clientele, including large pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms, agrochemical companies, and animal health companies. This versatility suggests that Aragen can handle various projects and requirements across the biopharma lifecycle, both in small and large molecules.

Job Post: Research Associate / Senior Research Associate

Aragen, a trusted R&D and manufacturing partner in the global life sciences industry, is currently seeking qualified candidates for the position of Research Associate / Senior Research Associate at their Bangalore location.

Qualification & Experience: Candidate should have an M.Sc. degree in Organic Chemistry or Medicinal Chemistry and 2 to 8 years of experience in Synthesis R&D, this could be an exciting opportunity for you.

Responsibilities: As a Research Associate / Senior Research Associate, your primary responsibilities will include:

  1. Executing chemical reactions: You will be responsible for synthesizing the required quantities of molecules/compounds as per client specifications, utilizing efficient routes and techniques.
  2. Reaction set-up and execution: You will set up and conduct reactions for the synthesis of target molecules/compounds, ensuring accuracy and precision in the process.
  3. Ensuring safety and good laboratory practices: You will enforce and adhere to safety protocols and good laboratory practices to create a secure and compliant working environment.
  4. Record-keeping: Maintaining records, ensuring data integrity, and adhering to IP specifications are crucial aspects of this role.

Skills Required: To be successful in this role, candidates should possess the following skills:

  1. Educational Background: M.Sc. degree in Organic Chemistry or Medicinal Chemistry is required.
  2. Experience: You should have 2 to 8 years of hands-on experience in Synthesis R&D, demonstrating expertise in chemical reactions and laboratory techniques.
  3. Technical Proficiency: Strong knowledge of organic chemistry principles and laboratory equipment operation is essential.
  4. Safety Compliance: A keen focus on safety and the ability to enforce good laboratory practices are critical for this role.
  5. Attention to Detail: Maintaining accurate records and ensuring data integrity demand a high level of attention to detail.
  6. Communication: Effective communication skills are essential to collaborate with team members and clients effectively.

If you meet these qualifications and are interested in joining a reputable organization with a strong focus on the life sciences industry, please send your resume to

The last date for resume submission is 10th August 2023.

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