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Career in Pharmaceutical Industry of India:

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is the world’s 3rd largest by volume and 14th largest in terms of value.

The three major segments of the pharmaceutical industry are generic drugs, OTC medicines, and API/Bulk
Drugs, Vaccines, Contract Research & Manufacturing, Biosimilars, and biologics. The pharmaceutical industry has other wings which include pharmaceutical products (NDA and ANDA), active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), medical devices, excipient manufacturing and research etc.

Who we are

Speaking of about us, we are a group of highly qualified experts from the pharmaceutical industry and various leading academic institutions from not only India but all parts of the world who can be a carrier for a career in the pharma industry.

We feel every pharmaceutical student, academician, researcher, entry-level, mid-level, and highly experienced person should get the best guidance for their job search with no cost involved in it.

We have collaborations with pharmaceutical industries that have a great presence all over the world.

Parmaceuticalcarrier.com can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube with a variety of content alongside the new job opportunities.

Our key contributors or authors to this website include Dr. S. Gite (M.Tech, Ph.D), Dr.Pratik Kakade (M.Pharm, Ph.D), Ms. Seema D( B. Pharm, MBA), Mr.Yogesh Khose (M Pharma, LLB) and many other experts who share the knowledge and opportunity in the field of pharmaceuticals.

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