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U.S. FDA Cracks Down on India’s Pharma Firms After Two-Year Hiatus

The pharmaceutical industry in India, known as the “pharmacy of the world,” has recently faced a significant challenge as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cracks down on Indian pharma firms after a two-year hiatus. This crackdown has raised concerns about the quality and safety of drugs manufactured in India, which has been a leading supplier of generic medications worldwide. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the FDA’s actions, the impact on India’s pharmaceutical industry, the challenges faced by Indian pharma firms, and the steps taken to address the issues.

FDA’s Focus on Food Safety: A Roundup of 5 Key Developments

Stay informed about the latest FDA news and announcements from June 2, 2023. Discover important updates on regulations, approvals, and more.

Alert: Monkeypox Spread: Will India be a next Africa

While India has seen it’s 4th Monkeypox case in new Delhi, it has become the great concern for the government to stop the further spread of the monkey pox. 16,000 cases being detected worldwide over last seven months and five people died due it, WHO has confirmed.

Alert: Monkey Pox is the next pandemic- Emergency Declared by WHO | क्या है मंकी पॉक्स

What is Monkey pox                                       The disease which was emerged from rodent and non-primates, monkey pox is a serious threat to the human beings currently. It is similar to small pox but more severe than the former. After the eradication of

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